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Joe uses his skill sets and expertise and applies it to the entire song development and production process. Simply providing Joe with an established song, scratch vocal, a MIDI file containing the notes/chords of your song or an overall rough musical idea, enables him to build the foundation and bring the artist’s vision to life.​


Providing an artist with a remix of a song allows the artist to reach specific markets, a wider audience and musical styles different from its original recorded version. Remixing allows the artist to get air/club play which wouldn't normally be offered through their original version of the song. Some labels seek out specific versions of a song. Joe can assist the artist in transforming the song to better suit the audience the label might be aiming to meet.

Ghost Production

Joe helps other DJ’s create music under their name so they can continue to make a living playing gigs around the world, build their name and grow a larger, loyal fan base.


Joe also has a wide range of experience mixing for a number of artists and labels. Through his mixing abilities, Joe is able to not only enhance the sonic quality of a song, but he also understands the creative aspects of mixing. He uses his artistic vision as a mixer to bring out the emotion and feeling in every mix he takes on.


Mastering is the final stage in the production process before the world hears your music. Joe takes great pride in making your music sound polished and ready for release.

To discuss these services or other ways Joe can help you with your music, please contact

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