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Online Mastering

Mastering is the final stage in the production process before the world hears your music. Joe takes great pride in making your music sound polished and ready for release.

Mastering Rates

Mastering is $80 per song. I offer 2 mastering revisions per song. Additional revisions are $30 each.

Preparing Your Files 

- Be sure your mix is 100% correct before sending it for mastering.

- leave anywhere from -3 to -6 db of headroom coming from the master output channel and leave dither and normalize off when exporting your mix from your DAW.

- If there was any compression, limiting, equalization or other dynamic processing used on the master channel send me one version of your mix with and one without master effects. And always remove the limiter from both versions.

File format should be exported as a wav 24bit/44.1khz.

- Upload your files using Dropbox or WeTransfer and send to

- Payment is required upfront for all clients. Please select the number of songs for mastering in the quantity selection box during the PayPal check out.

- Final masters are delivered back to the client as a 16bit/44.1khz wav file.

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