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Production Rates

Recording - $165 (3 hr recording session)


Mixing - $270 per song (pre-mixed Instrumental and Vocals) or $450 per song (Fully tracked out Instruments and Vocals)

Mastering along with 2 mix revisions are included. Editing, pitch and time correction, comping, sound replacement and programming are priced at an additional cost. Please contact to discus.  


Mastering - $80 per song (2 revisions included)


For Song Production, Remixing and Ghost Production please contact for a custom quote. 


Mixing Details

Export all audio tracks from your DAW so each file starts at the same bar time (bar zero) The file format for your session should be in wav 24 bit/44.1khz. Be sure to send any reference tracks as sonic examples of the sound you are aiming to achieve from your mix.

Upload your files to Dropbox or WeTransfer and send to when you're ready to get started.















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