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Online Mixing Services

Joe also has a wide range of experience mixing for a number of artists and labels. Through his mixing abilities, Joe is able to not only enhance the sonic quality of a song, but he also understands the creative aspects of mixing. He uses his artistic vision as a mixer to bring out the emotion and feeling in every mix he takes on.

Mixing Rates

Mixing is $200 per song (pre-mixed Instrumental and Vocals) or $360 per song (Fully tracked out Instruments and Vocals)


I offer 2 revisions per song. Additional revisions are priced based on the work involved.


Editing, pitch and time correction, comping, sound replacement and programming are priced at an additional cost. 

Preparing Your Files 

- Only provide the files that you intend on using. Any scrap or "maybe" takes and/or audio that is muted or not being used in the session can be thrown away before exporting your session for mixing.

Export all audio tracks so each file starts at the same bar time (i.e. bar zero)


Remove any eq, compression, reverb etc unless the effect you have on a sound or set of sounds plays an important role in the "character" or "vibe" of the sound and would be hard to re-produce.


Provide only stereo files unless the source is a true mono source such as a vocal, kick drum or bass. (essentially elements that were recorded from a single mic/mono input)

- If you've already done some group mixing, feel free to send the stereo groups as stems. Just be aware of any effects on the stereo groups.


- Try to clean your audio tracks of any clicks, cross fade points, room noise, hum, hiss, unnecessary or overlapping breathes, and sibilance etc before exporting the stems. 

- Be sure to correct any vocals and/or instrument parts that may be out of tune or time, with the rest of your song. 

- Label the songs tempo somewhere in the projects folder or files. 

- The file format for your session should be in wav 24 bit/44.1khz. 

- Name the files as clearly and simple as possible (i.e. Kick, Clap, Lead, Bass etc) 


Be sure to send any reference tracks as sonic examples of the sound you are aiming to achieve from your mix.

- Upload your files to Dropbox or WeTransfer and send to

- Payment is required in full 

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